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frequently asked questions

• what is your background?

I have been a wedding videographer for over 10 years. In 2015, I decided to branch out on my own and founded Woodland Creative Solutions. Before all of that, I worked in the film industry as a lighting technician and camera operator.

• what is your style?

I have a versatile style of shooting. A lot of my wedding videos lean more toward a "documentary-style" of shooting, with lots of candid moments. However, I shoot more cinematically when it comes to decoration details. I also try to take some time throughout the day to work with couples on my own, both individually and together, to film some more cinematic moments just for video, especially during photo sessions.

• What is a "feature-length wedding video"?

A feature-length wedding video is a full documentary-style wedding video. It usually runs around 45 minutes to an hour long, and contains your ceremony, main parts of your reception (grand entrance, speeches, bridal dances, etc.), as well as highlight portions of the resting of your day, such as getting ready, photo session, open dancing, and decoration details.

• how does "customized editing" work?

Once you have booked your wedding, I will send you a questionnaire to fill out. This questionnaire will give me some insight into what you are looking for with your wedding video, including music choices, shot selection, how you want your ceremony to be filmed, etc. Your answers will help me put together a wedding video that is unique to your tastes and style, and give you something that you can cherish for a lifetime.

how can i keep my online wedding video?

I deliver most of my wedding videos online through a video sharing service called Mediazilla. When your wedding video is finished, you will receive a couple of emails; one from me with ways to view your final wedding video, and another from Mediazilla. To take full possession of your online video, you will need to click the "View Now" button from the Mediazilla email. From there, you can create a free Mediazilla account and take possession of your wedding video.

This is a very important step that you do not want to skip! This is the only way to guarantee your wedding video will always be available to you.

• I'm ready to book my wedding. what are the next steps?

If you're ready to book, I will need some basic information from you in order to give you a contract proposal. In addition to the signed contract, I also require a deposit to officially save the date. Once I have the signed contract and the deposit, I will send you your questionnaire to fill out through Google Docs.


The remaining balance for your wedding video will be due no later than 30 days before the wedding, and your questionnaire will be due 2 weeks before the wedding.

Once you have finished the questionnaire, just let me know that it is done, and I will look it over, ask you any questions I may have, and then I will put together a timeline of my service for the day for your approval.

• how much is the deposit?

Deposits start at $700, but vary depending on the package. Feel free to contact me if you would like more specifics!

• what is well-wishing?

Well Wishing is a separate video I make throughout the day of congratulations and well-wishes from your bridal party, parents, grandparents, etc., that is delivered with your final wedding video. If you do decide to add Well Wishing to your package, it's helpful if you give your bridal party some advanced notice that they will be on camera. This way, they can be prepared!

• do you back up your footage?

Yes! Once the wedding is over, the first thing I do is upload all the footage to several different hard drives. This way, should anything go wrong during the editing process (a failed hard drive, deleted files, etc.), I have all the original footage backed up!

• what if you have an equipment issue while shooting?

I take meticulous care of all of my equipment to ensure that doesn't happen. But, Murphy's Law! In the unlikely event that something does happen, like a card failure or camera malfunction, I have a variety of mitigation options available to me to try to remedy the situation. But, if I am unable to remedy the situation, I am more than willing to discuss with you ways I can

make it right.

• what is your covid policy?

If you have to reschedule or cancel your wedding due to COVID, I am always willing to reschedule with you! However, if I am unavailable on the date to reschedule for, I am willing to refund your money, not including the deposit.

If I were to become unavailable due to COVID, I will do everything in my power to find a replacement videographer for you. I have a wide network of talented and experienced colleagues that I can tap in such an event. However, if I am unable to find somebody, I will, of course, refund your entire investment, deposit included.

have more questions? please feel free to contact me!


Let us know if you're interested in our services!

Thank you! We will be in touch with you soon!

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